The Datamine Guide to Demand Forecasting

In the Datamine Demand Forecasting Guide, we walk you through key elements of effective forecasting and look at how your business can get started.


In this guide, we’ll walk you through the questions you’ll
need to ask regarding your product, stores and data
quality, then offer suggestions for next steps. The goal
of the guide is to give you a framework for implementing
a forecasting strategy, allowing you to then choose the
tool that’s best suited to your business.

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  • All about your product
    1. Does it have a shelf life?
    2. Do you make it or do you buy it?
    3. How much of it can you store?
    4. How often does your product range change?
    5. How do you identify when you’re stocked out of a product?
    6. How substitutable is your product?
    7. What are the influences on your product sales?
    8. What are your constraints/limitations during production?
    9. What time scale do you need for your forecast?
    10. What constitutes a trend in sales for your product?
  • All about your stores or outlets
    1. What will your range look like across all your stores?
    2. How many stores do you have? Are you opening more?
    3. Where are your stores in relation to your suppliers?
    4. What are the labour considerations you have in-store?
  • At some point, your data quality will matter
  • I’ve considered these 14 questions – now what?