The datamine guide to Marketing Automation

In the Datamine Guide to Marketing Automation, we walk you through the fundamental elements and benefits of automation – and look at tools, strategies and timelines to help you get there.

In this guide we'll step you through the fundamentals of marketing automation. From what it is and who to buy it from, through to how to prepare for it, use it and get the most out of it while you're learning the ropes. Finally, we'll lay out the fundamental things you can do today to both begin your marketing automation journey– and ensure it's a successful one. 

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  1. What is marketing automation?
    It's more than just email
    It can drive process re-engineering
  2. Making the business case
    Personalisation and relevance drive engagement
    Transparency and control reduce risk
  3. What can we automate?
    Campaign management
    Lead management
    Platform management
  4. How to choose a provider
    Picking a system that's right for you
    Usability, integration, support and pricing
  5. Automate the sales funnel
    Stage 1: Get discovered
    Stage 2: Nurture and engage
    Stage 3: Time to close
    Stage 4: Automation after the sale
  6. Getting started
    Plan, plan and plan some more
    Identify your touchpoints
    Sort your data
    Start getting to know your prospects
  7. Summary