Food and beverage demand forecasting and production planning made easy



Selling short shelf-life products across numerous outlets?

Optimise your business' end-to-end supply and demand process with a simple, scalable platform that turns your data into real-time insights.

The result?  More time to spend on the important stuff, and direct savings to the bottom line.

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Forget the tedious onboarding - simply plug in your POS data and hit the ground running.

WeekAhead is designed to have the functionality of an ERP solution, but without the headaches and drawn out implementation.  All the data you need will come straight from your existing POS system, meaning this is all you have to do to get your demand forecasts live and ready to go:


1.  Hook up your POS data to WeekAhead

2.  Configure your unique production schedule

3.  Load your recipes and ingredients (optional)

4.  Set up supplier details to automate ordering (optional)






Calculate the ROI you could see with WeekAhead

Customers have increased sales by


They've also decreased wastage by




Running a chain or franchise with dozens of outlets is usually chaotic and stressful, but it doesn't have to be - if you've got the right infrastructure in place.  What the market has been missing is a middle ground between complex and expensive ERP solutions and ineffective apps or Excel spreadsheets.

WeekAhead is a tool designed to help organisations address stock-outs, wastage, supplier and ordering headaches, lack of cross-business visibility and more.  The platform's predictive AI models use your historic sales and production data to give you a recommendation for which product or ingredients to order and produce, at which branch, at what time.  Through the use of WeekAhead, your business can do the following:


Credit CardMaximise sales

If you experience stockouts, you might very well be missing out on sales.  WeekAhead can be configured at a store level to maximise sales, altering your recommendation in favour of producing more product to meet or exceed expected demand.  


Teams - Datamine Purple-08Minimise wastage

If you're struggling with large amounts of daily wastage, the model can be configured to minimise wastage, altering your recommendation in favour of decreased production and lower waste (while still accommodating predicted demand).  


Shop - OpenRetain valuable staff knowledge

Hospitality staff come and go - it's unavoidable.  With WeekAhead, you can reduce reliance on your individual staff members by collecting and storing relevant knowledge (recipes, kitchen information etc.) in the app to prevent key person risk.  


LogisticsStreamline the end-to-end ordering process

Get a recommendation for how much of each ingredient or product to order, either on an ad hoc basis or by a standard schedule.  The recommendation is sensitive to upcoming demand - stock sold, stock on hand and stock on order.  Best of all, you can consolidate individual store requests into one daily supplier order.


Statistical ModellingGet visibility into performance metrics across your whole chain

WeekAhead gives you access to consolidated reporting of key metrics across the business or franchise.  You can analyse demand, recommended stock, produced stock, sold stock, wastage, stockouts, lost sales and more - either at an individual store level, or as an aggregated whole.




“Weekahead has optimised Daily Bread's production quantities — it's now unthinkable to forecast without it.  The Datamine team are engaged and responsive towards building a highly capable software for us."

— Alaisdair Tarry (Manager at Daily Bread)


Check out the performance improvement that one client saw with WeekAhead:


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