“The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones.”    - John Maynard Keynes


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are common terms today, but they were virtually unheard of back in the 90’s.  That lack of industry awareness didn’t deter Victoria University graduate Paul O’Connor, though – he burst onto the analytics scene with a burning desire to innovate, and he soon found a need in the market for accessible and enablement-focused analytics services.  Thus, Datamine was born - a small, humble company that has since grown significantly, yet maintained the same ethos: to inspire and empower people to benefit from analytics every day.


At Datamine, we believe that every business problem and dataset has a story to tell - and our job is to extract value by getting it talking.  Since our inception, Datamine has been operating in line with the vision of ‘proven, repeatable success’.  We bring solutions to our clients that are scalable, will streamline future initiatives and grow internal competence - because our goal is for you to ultimately be able to do it yourself.  Above all, we’re about enabling business professionals to be the best they can be in a data-driven world.


Small details are huge

Externally, this means delivering a complete solution, internally it’s the small things that keep our business running.
Never fail to deliver a solution

Our brand promise.  We’ve never failed so far and we don’t intend to.
Better together

Teamwork makes the dream work - and like the saying goes, many hands make light work.
Pragmatic Excellence

Be excellent, but not OTT.  We spend the right time to deliver the right solution - but it’s important to realise when you’re no longer adding value.
Don't just tick the box

Go above and beyond, be the best you can be, think outside the square.
Honesty with empathy

At Datamine we tell it like it is and address issues as they arise – so we'll always speak up – but in a constructive way.



Our Consultancy

Our Products

Our Platform

Our Consultancy

Traditional analytics consultancy services are manual - someone wants something done, they scope and plan out the project, analysts write some code and outputs are ultimately produced.  Datamine has taken this process and streamlined it.  We’ve developed methodologies and technologies that are keeping up with the speed at which the industry is growing, and we pride ourselves on never failing to deliver a solution.

In line with our idea of ‘proven, repeatable success’, we evaluate ways in which we can get better after every consulting project - how can we improve our processes?  What repeatable frameworks can we create that will increase efficiency later on?  What can we dedicate R&D time to?  And what new technologies can we create or adopt that will improve both the consultancy and the analytics sphere as a whole?

Analytics is the cornerstone of our business.  Yes, traditional analytics is manual - but we’ve spent the past two decades (and will spend the next two) learning how to make it more effective.  And with the following additions to our services, more businesses than ever will be able to benefit from those analytics services we’ve long been perfecting.

Our Products

Having created dozens of bespoke web-based applications for our consultancy clients and seen the benefits they bring, we realised the need for accessible analytical alternatives to expensive corporate solutions or elementary and problematic Excel tools – products that any business could afford, configure themselves and reap value from on a daily basis.

One example of this is our business forecasting tool WeekAhead, an intuitive application designed to help retail and hospitality businesses get the right product in the right place at the right time.  Like all of our products, WeekAhead is easier to get value from than enterprise level applications and delivers more value than simple spreadsheet tools - it’s configurable and intuitive enough to give you the results you can’t get from a spreadsheet, but it doesn’t come with the expense or unnecessary complexity of a corporate application.  In addition to WeekAhead, we have a number of other customer-intuitive products (and are working on even more!) that are available to our clients.

Datamine’s analytical applications offer the smarts at a lower cost, empowering businesses of all sizes - perhaps ones that wouldn’t otherwise be able to enlist the help of a consultancy - to benefit from analytics every day.

Our Platform

Each person or department in a given business has individual analytical needs, but catering to all of those needs is costly.  We noticed market demand for a system that, like our consultancy data scientists do manually, can capture needs, outputs and context, then learns from each time work is carried out, continuously improving and streamlining the analytics process.

So we created the Datamine platform. And we’re using it ourselves!

The platform allows us, our clients and third parties to work through and understand new problems, then create solutions that others can use themselves.  It works hand-in-hand with our consultancy, streamlining otherwise manual tasks and allowing people-time to be better spent.

Once they’ve logged into the secure Datamine platform interface, people can get access to valuable data from a variety of industries (or commercialise their own), try out various analytics products like WeekAhead, host and analyse their data or create apps/tools and interact with other users - all the while, the platform itself is learning and applying the learnings to subsequent projects to improve the ease and efficiency with which users can operate it.

Where we’re going with the Datamine platform is new - it’s ambitious and it’s unique, but as the analytics industry progresses, we want both our consultancy clients and external users alike to be at the forefront of the innovation.  Our journey is taking us to exciting and ground-breaking places, and we want you to come along.



We want you to be as excited about analytics as we are (or at least get close!).  Projects spanning across all manner of industries have demonstrated time and again that there is so much to be gained from having a deeper understanding of your data and other available data - that analytics is a strategic asset to businesses.

Optimisation & Data ScienceSo what’s your part in all this?  Your role is to begin experimenting with analytics, to try different approaches to solving business challenges.  Start looking into what solutions professionals suggest for the types of challenges your business is facing, start getting involved with online forums and start talking to other firms about what their specialties are.



Analytics empowerment.  We love doing analytics, and we’re here to help, educate and deliver the insights necessary to build the internal capabilities so essential to running a successful, data-driven organisation.

Datamine is on a journey, as are you - if you think those two paths could coincide, whether now or down the road, we’d love to talk to you about collaboration opportunities, partnerships or other ventures.  Get in touch with us if you’re ready to go beyond guesswork.

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