the datamine guide to DATA STRATEGIES

In the Datamine Data Strategy Guide, we take you through strategic data management,
from tool selection and potential issues to practical getting-started steps.

Data Strategy implementation is key to organisations unlocking and capitalising on the asset that is their data. This Datamine Guide explains the importance of data management, the issues facing those involved and how to address them. It also describes practical ways companies can begin to put their strategy into action.


  1. Optimise key workstreams to build analytics capability

    1. Fill the pipeline of work
    2. Prioritise the pipeline of work
    3. Scale and optimise
  2. Create technical environments that enable progress

    1. Exploratory environment
    2. Prototyping environment
    3. Production environment
  3. Solidify legal and ethical guidelines

    1. Rules and principles
    2. Clarity around data ownership
    3. Just because we can, does that mean we should?
  4. Summary