Our vision is to connect and empower people to benefit from analytics every day.
Join us as we go beyond guesswork.


Since 1995 Datamine has worked with businesses to implement smart, data-driven strategies – taking our client’s decision making beyond guesswork – and never failing to deliver a solution for even the most complex data question.  Our results are proven with over 150 different solution types.  We’re passionate about the value of data and we love unique business problems.

We’re the best in analytics, we love creating ways that enable people to use it, and we’re ready to help



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Datamine Founder Paul O'Connor



Paul loves data.  Part people-person and part tech geek, he founded Datamine in an effort to connect and empower people to benefit from data analytics every day.  Since 1995, Paul has been using his unparalleled experience and insight to guide the business and continue to push conventional boundaries.  With a focus on collaboration, innovation and pragmatic excellence, Datamine is passionate about giving organisations the knowledge they need to unlock the value in their data.  And with Paul at the helm, we’re going places. 

Datamine Director Sally Carey


White Witch

Often referred to as Datamine's 'White Witch' (due to her work being described as “like magic"), Sally’s 30 years of experience in strategy and quantitative decision making ensures she can always be relied on to deliver extraordinary results.  Sally is a co-owner and director of Datamine.  Originally from the UK, she is a fellow of the UK Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing and holds a BA in Systems Analysis and MBA from Bradford University.



Datamine Managing Director Mike Parsons



Datamine’s Managing Director Mike works collaboratively with clients who are focused on adopting analytics for competitive advantage at scale.  Committed to providing people with the knowledge they need to unlock the value in their data, he is frequently commended for his ability to use analytics to drive business performance and improvement.  Mike’s natural curiosity and broad knowledge across a number of disciplines make him very well suited to handle Datamine’s most strategic and intricate client projects – regardless of the nature of your business challenge, it’s a good bet he’ll be interested in helping you find a solution.

What We Value

Small Details Are Huge

Externally, this means delivering a complete solution, internally it’s the small things that keep our business running.

Never fail to deliver a solution

Our brand promise.  We’ve never failed so far and we don’t intend to.

Better together

Teamwork makes the dream work - and like the saying goes, many hands make light work.

Pragmatic excellence

Be excellent, but not OTT.  We spend the right time to deliver the right solution - but it’s important to realise when you’re no longer adding value.

Don't just tick the box

Go above and beyond, be the best you can be, think outside the square.

Honesty with Empathy

At Datamine we tell it like it is and address issues as they arise – so we'll always speak up – but in a constructive way.

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