The datamine guide to Data Management

In the Datamine Guide to Data Management, we explain the importance of a strong data management plan – and look at key steps to help you get there.

This paper explains the importance of data management, the issues facing those involved and how to address them. It isn’t based on a particular propriety system or software, but instead is business-focused, aiming to provide the knowledge required to successfully create and implement a data management strategy before moving marketing data to a datamart. Marketers require access to the information they need and confidence that it’s based on the correct underlying data, so implementing a datamart is a natural step when trying to achieve better insight into their organisation’s data.

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  1. Does your organisation need a data management strategy?
  2. The components of good data management
    Data content
    Quality Software and licensing
    Performance Roles, responsibilities and ownership
    System integration
    Data migration
    Security and privacy
    Measurement |
    Internal communications
  3. The benefits to marketing
    Cost containment
    Revenue growth
    Conversion and retention rates
  4. Summary
    Datamine experience
    Case study Testimonials