The datamine guide to Customer Segmentation

In the Datamine Guide to Customer Segmentation, we outline different segmentation strategies and how they could benefit your business.

This guide outlines a robust approach to developing customer 
segmentation. If you make a product, have a service, market or 
sell, customer segmentation is relevant and important. The 
phases of development of customer segmentation, from planning 
through to implementation and ongoing reviews are outlined, 
together with the types of occurrences that can trip you up along 
the way. The generic approach described is relevant across 
industry sectors, both product and service organisations. 
Segmentation is a key input to the development of marketing 
strategy, bringing simplicity to your marketing plans.

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  1. What is customer segmentation?
  2. Why is customer segmentation important?
  3. What are the different ways to segment?
  4. Follow a phased approach
    • Plan
    • Develop
      • Determining the number of segments
      • Building a picture of the segments
    • Implement
    • Measure and review
  5. Summary
  6. Datamine Experience
  7. Testimonials