Data is our bread and butter at Datamine.  We love it, we respect it and we are careful with it. 



Your information is sensitive, valuable and private.  We are dedicated to ensuring it stays that way.  Our business is built on the ethical and secure treatment of private and sensitive data, and it’s important to us that you know how we handle it.


Who are we?

We are Datamine Limited.  We are a registered New Zealand company.  The company number is 819902.


Information we collect

We only collect information that needs to be used to provide the best service to our clients and users when using our products.  All users of our services are anonymous by default, and your contact information will not be collected or held unless you have voluntarily provided it to us.  Datamine does not unlawfully collect any personal information from website viewers or other contacts.

  • We collect some information automatically.  There is some generic information that we will collect automatically when accessing our site.  This includes technical data such as the device you use to access our services, internet address assigned to your device and the number and frequency of visits to the site.  Unless you are a signed in user, this generic information does not reveal your identity
  • We collect information you provide such as name and email address
  • We collect data through synchronised third parties.  If you provide your third-party account credentials to us or otherwise synchronise information through a third party site or platform, you understand that the metric information that is collected through those platforms will be transmitted into your account with us if you authorise such transmissions, and that third party account information transmitted to our Services is covered by this Privacy Statement


How we store and secure your data

We have comprehensive security protocols in place to ensure that your information is safeguarded at all times. We employ full time IT security and risk management system administrators who engage in proactive security management as part of their roles.  Our systems are secured by up-to-date virus protection software, and we undergo periodic security testing.

Datamine makes sure all our employees follow our privacy policies and confidentiality requirements.  All Datamine employment agreements contain confidentiality clauses and standard disciplinary processes for any breach of the agreement. 


How we use this information

The information we collect will be used to provide the specific product or service you signed up for which is covered in the terms of use at the time of signing up.  We may also use information for the following purposes:

  • To personalise and improve our products, provide measurement, analytics, and other business services
  • To promote safety, integrity, and security - the data you provide for a specific service to run is always stored separately to your personally identifiable information (your identity)
  • To communicate with you if required
  • To conduct research and innovate for social good


What about Cookies?

A cookie is a small file containing a string of information that a website stores on your computer.  When you visit our website, we may send one or more "cookies" to your computer hard drive through your web browser.

To the extent we use cookies, we do not collect personal information, and we do not combine information collected through cookies with other personal information to tell us who you are or what your username or e-mail address is.

You are always free to decline our cookies if your browser permits, although in that case you may not be able to use certain features on the site and you may be required to re-enter your password or login information more frequently.

We do not monitor or follow “Do Not Track” (DNT) signals because there is no standard interpretation or practice for DNT signals. 


How this information is shared

We utilise a number of vendors to enable us to provide our services.  Our vendors must keep your information confidential and are not allowed to use it for anything other than providing our services to you.

We do not share your personal information with third parties for their own direct marketing purposes.  We also do not sell or trade in your personal information for any other reason.  However, we use Google Analytics on our website.  As detailed within Google’s privacy policy, they may share information they have collected publicly and with their partners.

We do not disclose your personal information to any third party other than those described previously or when legally permissible. 


Datamine Marketing and International Privacy Laws

Datamine is in compliance with international privacy laws, specifically referring to the collection of information from individuals:

  • When an individual registers and completes an online form on our website, their contact information (name, email, company name) will be collected and be used solely to deliver marketing communications to that individual
  • At no point will this information be shared externally with any other organisation
  • At the time of providing their contact information on our website, the individual is informed of how we use their data, as well as where and how they can manage their email preferences and unsubscribe at any time
  • Individuals can, at any point, get in touch with Datamine through our Contact Us form on the website and request that we permanently delete their contact information

All website viewers are completely anonymous by default, and their contact information will not be collected or held unless they have voluntarily completed a form.  Datamine does not unlawfully collect any personal information from website viewers or other contacts.

Datamine makes sure all our employees are across our privacy policies.  All Datamine employment agreements contain confidentiality clauses and standard disciplinary processes for breach of the agreement.  Reminders about confidentiality are given informally on a regular basis, and formally if required, and there is a full confidentiality briefing on the Datamine intranet. 


Privacy Updates

We regularly review and update our security and privacy practices to maintain our commitment to best practice.  We may change this notice from time to time in the future. Any such changes will be posted here and, where appropriate, circulated to you in writing.  We advise you to check back frequently to see any updates or changes.


Your legal rights and how to exercise them

You have the right to access, correct and erase the information we hold about you.  You also have the right to restrict, object or withdraw your information from being processed by Datamine.

To exercise these rights, please get in touch with us by filling out our Contact Us form with your question or writing directly to our Privacy Officer at 15 Faraday Street, Parnell, Auckland 1052, New Zealand.