Data is our bread and butter at Datamine.  We love it, we respect it and we are careful with it. 

The privacy of your data, whether it is personal or business, is of great concern to both you and us – that’s why we have a number of measures in place to protect it.  Here are the best-practice privacy policies we employ:


Datamine Marketing and International Privacy Laws

Datamine is in compliance with international privacy laws, specifically referring to the collection of information from individuals:

  • When an individual registers and completes an online form on our website, their contact information (name, email, company name) will be collected and be used solely to deliver marketing communications to that individual
  • At no point will this information be shared externally with any other organisation
  • At the time of providing their contact information on our website, the individual is informed of how we use their data, as well as where and how they can manage their email preferences and unsubscribe at any time
  • Individuals can, at any point, get in touch with Datamine through our Contact Us form on the website and request that we permanently delete their contact information
All website viewers are completely anonymous by default, and their contact information will not be collected or held unless they have voluntarily completed a form.  Datamine does not unlawfully collect any personal information from website viewers or other contacts.
Datamine makes sure all our employees are across our privacy policies.  All Datamine employment agreements contain confidentiality clauses and standard disciplinary processes for breach of the agreement.  Reminders about confidentiality are given informally on a regular basis, and formally if required, and there is a full confidentiality briefing on the Datamine intranet. 


Datamine’s security standards

Datamine has comprehensive security protocols in place to ensure that our client and subscriber data is safeguarded at all times.  There is a dedicated team of IT security and risk management system administrators who engage in proactive security management as part of their roles.  Our systems are secured by an up-to-date virus protection software, and we also undergo periodic security testing.


Ethics of data sharing

Datamine believes that using personal or business data without consent is unethical, which is why we choose not to work or share data with government defence agencies or other similar organisations (unless we are legally required to).  We choose not to buy contact lists, and we believe that using the likes of individual search data for advertising purposes is ethically wrong – therefore we ensure that all data entrusted to us is protected from those who would use it as such. 


Privacy Updates

We regularly review and update our security and privacy policies and stay informed of updates to maintain our commitment to best practice.  For more information about Australia and New Zealand's current privacy laws, click here.


Contact Us 

If you have any questions regarding our data privacy policies and procedures, we’d be happy to hear them – just fill out this form with your question and one of our team will be in touch with you.  

At Datamine, we strive to offer our readers and clients analytics empowerment, giving them the ability to make sense of their own business data.  We also offer them the knowledge that, while they’re becoming empowered by their analytics, their data will be safe and secure in our hands.


-- The Datamine team