Get insight into the quarterly, monthly and yearly market share of New Zealand’s major mobile phone operators.

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Telcowatch tracks New Zealand mobile phone operator market share data. Updated quarterly, the report gives empirical insights including graphs, visualisations and market commentary.  Datamine assesses the telco report data with a 95% confidence level and a 0.5% margin of error.

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Telcowatch is a joint initiative between Datamine and Modica Group, who offer a cloud-based messaging platform and send millions of SMS messages for their enterprise clients (banks, government entities, supermarkets) every year. Data is gathered as messages are sent to a unique phone using Modica’s platform. These messages must go through that device’s mobile carrier, enabling market share assessment. Datamine splits the anonymised data by mobile phone service provider, providing a reliable indicator of each Telco’s share of the 2.9 million personal mobile phones Modica sends to. 


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