We’re on a mission to help the world benefit from analytics every day.




Datamine is a leading Australasian data analytics consultancy and product developer.  Our purpose is to to give people power, through the ethical use of technology, to make decisions that transform their work, lives and communities for the better.  We’re a tight-knit team of thinkers and doers – to stay innovative and ahead of the curve, we need minds from all fields of study, including Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths.


The Datamine Graduate Experience

During your first year at Datamine, you’ll have the chance to work across the analyst, development, operations and infrastructure teams on real client projects.  This will give you the chance to try different roles, build relationships, step outside your comfort zone and carve out the career of your dreams.  It doesn’t end there – once you’ve progressed through the programme, you then choose which field you’re most passionate about, and we support you to excel in your chosen area.

Why does Datamine take this approach?  We like to give our people the freedom to challenge themselves and try new things, as it leads to a happier, more engaged workforce where employees stick around.  

From day one, you will receive ongoing career coaching from Datamine’s leadership team.  We’re committed to helping you discover your strengths and interests to help you succeed and contribute to life at Datamine.  See below the timeline of our graduate programme.





At Datamine, we take our work seriously, but not ourselves.  Our various teams go above and beyond to both help each other and deliver outstanding results for our clients.  Datamine is very protective of our culture and our people – we don’t believe in hierarchies, and we encourage our team members to pursue their professional (and personal) interests.


Training and development

Dataminers are always encouraged to be continuously learning, and we have programmes in place to support this.  Mentoring, team presentations, one-on-one coaching and solutions sessions are all part of daily life in the office.


Culture and values

Our values are the philosophies that drive everything we do – from how we work together at the office to how we deliver results for clients.


Better together300Pragmatic Excellence300Don't just tick the box300Small details are huge300Honesty with empathy300Never fail to deliver a solution300



Some of the benefits of working for Datamine include (but are not limited to):

  • Delicious lunches cooked daily by our chef
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Subsidised health insurance
  • Rewards and recognition for hard work



Want to find out more about life as a graduate at Datamine? Get in touch with our team today at grads@datamine.com.