Datamine, the official data agent for the Gaspy app, provides NZ’s most comprehensive retail Fuel Price database.



The data is available for purchase for both commercial use and research* and covers the following:

  • daily prices for all fuel types
  • 1,500+ stations nationwide, organised by brand and location
  • fuel price history back to November 2015

Ensuring data quality

As the raw fuel price observations are crowdsourced from the public, Datamine applies cleaning, validation and gap-filling algorithms in real time.  This ensures prices are correct and current, that geographic coverage is maximised and that high data quality standards are met. 



A data feed can be tailored to your specific needs to:  

  • include relevant information / groupings / aggregation levels
  • be delivered as a one-off extract or ongoing supply (real time, daily, weekly, monthly or as required)
Price on Application (click here for details). Access to the data can be provided via an API or in flat files.

Want to know more?

If you’d like you know more about pricing, data structure or how to get the data, please get in touch:


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