The Datamine values encompass who we are as a company. Everything we do, we ensure that our values are upheld.

What We Value

Small Details Are Huge

Externally, this means delivering a complete solution, internally it’s the small things that keep our business running.

Never fail to deliver a solution

Our brand promise.  We’ve never failed so far and we don’t intend to.

Better together

Teamwork makes the dream work - and like the saying goes, many hands make light work.

Pragmatic excellence

Be excellent, but not OTT.  We spend the right time to deliver the right solution - but it’s important to realise when you’re no longer adding value.

Don't just tick the box

Go above and beyond, be the best you can be, think outside the square.

Honesty with Empathy

At Datamine we tell it like it is and address issues as they arise – so we'll always speak up – but in a constructive way.

What Our Clients Say