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In the relentless pursuit of new customers, businesses often lose themselves in a haze of possibilities. Customer analytics brings clarity, giving you the information you need to focus on the right people and ignore the rest. It does the heavy lifting while you make informed decisions.

By analysing data from sales, marketing, customer service and social media, you’ll uncover hidden trends and patterns within your existing customer base. Providing the keys to effectively understanding and targeting your customers, achieving higher ROI from your sales and marketing budget and winning clients that will add long-term value to your business.



ProfilingSee customers clearly

People often say one thing and do another, but data doesn’t lie. With an analytics solution like Datamine’s, you'll uncover the truth about your current customers, making it easier to identify new ones. It works by gathering and sorting your historical data from across your platforms to answer these questions:

  • How old are my customers?
  • What is the gender breakdown of my customer base?
  • Where do they live?
  • What are their buying patterns?
  • Which customers bring the most value to my business?
  • Who are my high-value customers, and what makes them stand out?
  • Are there one-time purchasers or loyal enthusiasts in my midst?



SegmentationCategorise targets by behaviour

Categorise your existing customers based on their unique drivers through the use of customer segmentation. A segmentation provides an actionable framework for you to build on and the ability to tailor strategies that speak directly to their needs. Ask yourself, what are the driving factors behind each segment's behaviour? Is it money? Recognition? Worry? Or something else?

Read our case study to see segmentation in action. Using transactional data, Datamine helped an FMCG chain create ultra-precise customer segments and change the way they target their marketing.



Internet of ThingsHarness the power of customer profiling

Now it’s time to dive deeper into customer profiling to uncover the demographics, geographics and psychographics of each group. Imagine a person to represent each group with thoughts, feelings, fears and motivations. Creating vivid profiles of your audiences will make it easier to generate targeted marketing campaigns that amplify ROI.

In many cases, adding market research to this data set can be incredibly helpful. The qualitative responses will help you understand the why behind audience’s behaviours – where and how they buy, how they feel about your brand or category, what they look for when deciding and what they’re hoping to solve.



Email 2target your message

Armed with customer segments and profiles, you can tailor messages that speak to each customer profile on the right platforms. This will make the messaging land – your targets will feel understood, valued and more compelled to act. Applying targeted messaging will have your marketing team seeing a surge in client acquisition rates.



Data EnrichingCreate a data strategy 

Before you can use a solution like customer segmentation or profiling, you need something to analyse – and that starts with a good data strategy. It takes clear objectives, solid data sources and the right data collection and storage processes. At Datamine, we begin by defining the areas where data can make a meaningful impact and contribute to achieving your business objectives, and what internal and external data sources you’ll need. In this case, it’s likely to be a mix of customer data, market research, sales data and operational data. At this point, we assess the quality and accessibility of your data and spot if anything needs tweaking.

We’ll ensure that your guidelines and processes for handling, accessing and using data will protect you long-term and that your data management system handles the volumes of data you’ll be dealing with. After analysis, we’ll help you use the insights – in this case, understanding how you can optimise marketing campaigns. We’ll then monitor your strategy against key performance indicators and evolve it to meet new opportunities and address challenges.



Mentorthe power of (accurate) deduction

When it comes to finding new customers, data holds the key. With accurate and abundant customer analytics, you can spot patterns and behaviours that help you focus on prospects with the highest value and potential for conversion.

If you want to learn more about identifying and targeting new customers, this article is only the tip of the iceberg. Make sure to dive into more articles to unlock the full potential of customer analytics. Or talk to the experts at Datamine we specialise in helping businesses turn data into growth opportunities.




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