Data Strategy


A data strategy is a roadmap for your business’ data goals that outlines why and how you’re going to employ data analytics internally.  It identifies opportunities and defines outcomes based on the nature of your business model, organisational makeup, goals and concerns.


Businesses today tend to know that they need a data strategy – the question is how to go about creating a good one.  Datamine’s data strategy solution provides organisations with:

  • A comprehensive data strategy and series of supporting activities to drive your strategic plan
  • Progress on creation of ‘big data’ platform to drive future activities
  • Ongoing capability development, including planning, assistance with preparing RFPs (expand just to follow the brand rule) and data briefs for partners
  • A solid partnership delivering best practice advice and support

This project is designed to help your company understand the current state of customer data throughout the business – how is it collected, accessed, used and stored?  Your objectives might vary, from undertaking data assessments and strategy planning data strategy-037450-editedexercises to bringing together multiple customer data sources.  Perhaps you’re interested in illustrating how a customer view could be leveraged to drive business performance.

There are two main activities we do throughout the process:


  • We audit the available data, platforms/technologies and processes for planning and execution
  • We do a comprehensive review of capability and gaps, offering reports and recommendations for future development
  • We identify priorities and constraints from technical staff, business users and partners
  • We help you define your vision for the future and lay down a comprehensive plan, which will be reviewed and updated each quarter
  • We help create knowledge management systems, scope projects, define teams and steering/oversight committee
  • Determine what parts of the business this plan will apply to



  • Improved decision making through data analytics and data-mining
  • Useful across Management, Marketing, Strategy, IT and more
  • Strategic and tactical analytics to identify opportunities
  • Expert advice in a sensitive business area
  • Objectivity – an external point of view
  • Increased efficiency and optimal use of resources
  • Integration of deep understanding into business problems

Industries covered:

  • Retail
  • FMCG
  • Banking and finance
  • Telecommunications
  • Insurance
  • Not for profit
  • Government


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