Keen to discover how the different areas of your marketing function stack up against the industry norm? 

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 Take our Marketing (M-Score) Self-Assessment to find out.
Your Marketing Automation function isn't something that can be magically optimised overnight - it needs constant attention and improvement to stay in line with new learnings and business goals. The M-Score stand back enables you to know where to put your efforts in delivering excellent Marketing Automation outcomes. 
To know where your Marketing Automation function compares with other companies & for some insight on where to start, fill out the short self-assessment below. Within one business day, you'll receive a personalised 2-page report compiled by the Datamine team that outlines:
  • Your M-Score, indicating how far along the Marketing Automation journey your organisation or department is
  • How well do you score in each of the 10 main areas that contribute to marketing automation capability 
  • Which of your biggest challenges could be solved through the deployment of agile analytics
  • Datamine’s suggestions for the next steps and best practice

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