Notice anything different?

That’s right, we’ve changed things up a bit with new branding and a new logo.


So why the change? In a word it’s all about ‘evolution’.  We’re growing (we turned 21 this year), we’ve moved to smart new offices in Parnell, and we’re in the process of rolling out a number of exciting new products and services.  What better time then to refresh our brand with a bold new logo that conveys our vision of the future — the infinity symbol representing the limitless applications of data in business, and the colour purple — reflective of the analytics ‘magic’ Dataminers  perform every day.


There’s a couple of things that won’t be changing as we continue our journey, however, and that’s our commitment to our client’s businesses and our core mission of empowering people to unlock the value in their data.


We hope you’ll join us. 



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