An exclusive report that surfaces unique consumer credit and spend behaviour since the Covid-19 outbreak

2022 BNPL spend


Covid-19 has significantly impacted New Zealanders.  Organisations are struggling to understand the changing consumer landscape and the implication that Covid-19 has had on consumer spending and credit across the regions.
In our Consumer360° 2022 update, we take a closer look at the impact of New Zealand's Covid-19 lockdowns to give you a granular view of consumer credit and spending trends from January 2021 through to January 2022, and how this compares against the 2020 Consumer360° report.



Datamine and Centrix have partnered to provide an unbiased, unique 360-degree view of New Zealand’s consumer confidence. 
We’re two Kiwi owned and operated businesses, operating for circa 40 years combined, collaborating to bring analytical insight to the surface for the benefit of New Zealanders.


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