2019 Year in Review

Matrix of Owl Interactions

Lines of code written by women

Number of emails sent for clients

Most common challenges solved

Kilos of compost diverted from landfill

Matrix of Owl Interactions

The Datamine Owls are our data ‘translators’.  They liaise between virtually all of the different teams within the business to help condense and visualise the complex concepts that come out of data analysis.  To the left, see how the Owls interacted with people throughout the business over the course of a month – click and drag on any of the orange orbs (the Owls) to see the frequency with which they linked with other Dataminers. 


Keen to learn more about our Owl team?  Here’s an article dedicated especially to them.


Lines of code written by women

Datamine’s kick ass ladies wrote over 620,000 lines of code this year.  Like many other inspiring females in technology, they’re doing their part to make their mark in STEM industries and studies, which still remain male-dominated today.


Click here to read about Datamine’s 2019 partnership with GirlBoss as part of our mission to empower everyone to benefit from analytics, regardless of gender.

Number of emails sent for clients

In 2019, Datamine helped send out over 370 million emails from our clients to their customers.  Marketing Automation support is one of the primary services Datamine offers, and it’s been awesome to see the impact these personalised and automated marketing emails have had on our clients’ ROI.


In other news, we also worked with 52 clients this year on thousands of projects.  Phew!

Most common challenges solved

Common questions answered gifCommon questions answered gif


Datamine offers over 150 unique solutions, all of which can be used to solve a range of business challenges.  We had a look at the top solutions used over the course of 2019 and mapped them to the client queries they were used to answer – here is the list of the 10 most common questions we helped our clients find the answers to:


  1.  How can we better organise and store our useful data?
  2.  What tools and techniques can we use to do our financial forecasting?
  3.  Can we predict when our customers are going to churn?
  4.  Our data is a mess and we don't know where to start, can you help?
  5.  How do I know what's going on in my customer base?
  6.  How is my company tracking compared to my competitors?
  7.  Is the market right for me to launch a new product or service?
  8.  How profitable are my products, services, channels and customers?
  9.  Which of my customers are buying what (and how often)?
  10.  How do I better retain my high value customers?
Kilos of compost diverted from landfill

In 2019, Datamine made a big push on our business endurance and sustainability.  A component of this was making sure everyone in the office was aware of what can and can’t be recycled and composted.  The office ended up diverting nearly 1,500 kgs of compost from landfill, as well as over 1,700 kgs of recycling.


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