It’s a tough market for small to medium retail and hospitality businesses today, particularly those selling short shelf life products.  They’re fighting an uphill battle to control costs whilst they rise above competition, keep customers happy and stay profitable.  In our discussions with decision-makers at small multi-outlet companies, we’ve noticed some common questions and pain points.  Maybe they resonate with you as well:

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These pain points led Datamine to create WeekAhead, an easy forecasting app designed to help organisations better predict and address wastage, demand, handle ordering and production.  And after seeing the success our larger clients had with WeekAhead (see below), we've created a version that’s specifically designed to help small to medium retailers manage the complexities that are unique to delivering a short shelf-life product range and growing a successful business.  It’s built to be low touch, helping your team save time whilst you save on costs and improve customer satisfaction.

WeekAhead's promise is to help you get the right products, in the right place, at the right time.  It does this by offering three primary features:

  1. An automated demand forecast (all the way down to a product or ingredient level) for a given day, helping you reduce waste while increasing sales
  2. Consolidated orders (simplifying ordering for your business and your suppliers) that account for predicted demand and are automatically sent out 
  3. Production run sheets that tell your front-line staff how much to produce at any time of day (and track efficiency metrics across the whole operation)


Sound like something that would be helpful for your small business?  We’re opening limited spaces for trialists that struggle with the above issues and are looking for a straightforward solution!  


As a trialist, you’ll receive:

  • Early access to a tool that will immediately start saving you money
  • Free onboarding and support through the pilot
  • A lifetime 50% discount off the final market price of the product
  • The chance to help shape the final product that will be delivered to market – we’ll work together to ensure that the final tool is better tailored to meet your business’ specific needs


Check out the performance improvement that our clients have seen with WeekAhead:


WeekAhead case study image 



Trial Conditions:

  • Must be a small, multi-entity operation (preferably 2-5 outlets, though we will consider larger or smaller)
  • Must be within retail or hospitality (preferably with a short shelf life product range and under 100 products)
  • Minimum 3-month commitment
  • Cost of $50 per month per outlet for the first six months



Submit an application to trial WeekAhead below. Hurry - spaces are limited!