loyalty programme development and optimisation

Loyalty programmes are all about being able to meet a customer’s needs and expectations – the best way to cater to those needs is by using data-driven techniques to determine what customers want.  Datamine offers both the development and improvement of loyalty programmes, depending on the client’s existing infrastructure.

what is important about loyalty programmes?

Being able to measure and capture customer loyalty is integral to running a successful business.  Loyalty programmes are one way that organisations can facilitate this while increasing sales and building a strong brand presence.  To begin, it’s crucial to recognise that a rewards programme (e.g. buy one get one free) is not the same as a loyalty programme – rewards programmes are great for boosting sales, but they don’t (necessarily) encourage repeat loyalty.  

There are generally four levels to a loyalty programme:

  1. Bonus points
  2. Discounts and Special Offers
  3. Competition entries
  4. Prestige

As you can imagine, the actual implementation of a loyalty programme changes drastically depending on industry – for example, a supermarket loyalty scheme will look very different to an insurance company’s programme.  Regardless of industry, Datamine can help clients decide what they want to get out of their loyalty programme, understand what the driver is for having one and finally help them either create one or improve their existing one through the following steps:

  • Analyse the client’s current situation
  • Map the desired future situation
  • Put things in place to drive levers of the loyalty programme
  • Perform analysis on ongoing basis



  • Getting value from loyalty programme rather than just cutting costs
  • Increased revenue and better margins
  • Ability to better track customer behaviour
  • Visibility into purchase history
  • Trickle down benefits to supply chain and distribution

Industries covered:

  • Retail
  • FMCG
  • Utilities
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Entertainment




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