More organisations are turning to operationalising their analytics needs through bespoke tools in a desire to turn insight and understanding into implementable actions.  Since 1995, Datamine’s team of product managers, user experience developers, AI experts and data scientists have been creating tailored analytical applications for clients across a range of industries.


Most businesses require methods, tools and applications to help keep track of orders, log data, forecast sales, and more – and in many cases all of these tools and databases are contained in siloed, one-man-band spreadsheets that absorb information but don’t offer an insightful output.  This might work when a business is small, but spreadsheets don’t easily scale or integrate with other systems as the organisation grows.  And in many cases, nor does it get the business the full set of unique deliverables that it needs.

DevelopmentDatamine has helped organisations address this issue by creating bespoke software applications with a core analytical component. These can be an intuitive web platform, demand forecasting, AI applications and other optimised models.  These solutions take in data, perform complex calculations or apply statistical techniques, and then present key business outputs in an easily accessible, intuitive interface – one that can be easily integrated with both existing and future systems.

For example, we built a bespoke application for a media client that enabled them to quickly compare the relative success of different marketing scenarios, information which they then used in sales collateral.  Where previously the team would rely on one or two experts to delve into Excel for the analysis, the Datamine tool now removes the middleman — allowing users to quickly tweak a few inputs to create results for themselves.

A solution at another organisation saved the company over 45,000 people hours per year – adding over $1M to the bottom line annually.  Scroll down to read a case study discussing an intuitive web platform we created for the Real Estate Institute.




  • Built with thoroughly documented, robust modular code that can be debugged, unit tested, and upgraded/enriched easily
  • Speed increases of over 100x to perform a function — allowing for more testing and agile decision making
  • An ability to save & compare results, and go back in time to undertake historic analysis
  • A user-friendly web or data visualisation front end with a help function and user manual — directly empowering all app users — as opposed to creating skill-siloed Excel ‘experts’
  • A significant reduction in the risk associated with having business-critical decision making reliant on tools that are almost impossible to audit
  • Working with a leading analytics company. Datamine has 20 years of experience – we were one of the first NZ firms to build these kinds of applications


Industries covered:

  • Utilities
  • Retail
  • FMCG
  • Banking and finance
  • Telecommunications
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Government




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