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QMS is an organisation that manages outdoor media displays throughout New Zealand and Australia.  In order to sell advertisement slots on billboards, digital billboards and buses, they need to provide the client with a sense for what kind of person might be seeing the ads, at what time, in what location etc. 

They realised that they needed a data-driven way to do this, so they got in touch with Datamine about creating an analytical solution that would deliver the measurement and insights needed.


Our team of product managers, data scientists and UX developers worked with QMS to produce an application called The Datalab.  It uses external data, such as aggregated Census, banking and mobile location information, to show QMS clients what the potential reach of their media campaign would be.

The application effectively manages access rights and a number of different permission levels, dictating not only what can be seen, but also the scenarios and calculations that can be run.


The platform is an ongoing partnership, and The Datalab is at the heart of every campaign recommendation QMS delivers to its customers. They’ve been thrilled with the results of the platform, as have their clients – in the words of one customer, “QMS’ reach and frequency measurement tools enable us to effectively optimise our out-of-home advertising campaigns by assessing various scenarios to ensure we deliver to our clients objectives.” 

Since QMS began working with Datamine, turnover has doubled.

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