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“Datamine helped Postie+ identify incongruities in our loyalty programme that we wouldn’t have otherwise been aware of. The team also offered alternative ways we can slightly alter the programme to better reward our most valuable customers while lowering overall costs. Thanks Datamine!”

- Head of Marketing & eCommerce




A year into launching their loyalty programme, Postie+ decided to re-evaluate the fiscal viability of the programme in order to make any necessary adjustments but maintain high customer satisfaction.

Having worked with Datamine before and been impressed by our expertise, the Head of Marketing & E-Commerce at Postie+ approached us for external help in evaluating the effectiveness of their loyalty programme.

Their biggest concern was to identify and alter problem areas in the loyalty programme without disincentivising high value customers from driving spend across the store network.


Datamine used data analysis, financial modelling and customer surveys to analyse the effectiveness of each branch of the Postie+ loyalty programme, and in doing so, we identified some distortions in the loyalty programme. 

The way customers were using the programme meant that the highest-spending and longest-term customers weren’t always getting rewarded proportionately for their value. 

At the same time, there were other customers that were earning rewards passively without spending enough to make it profitable for the business.


Through this analysis and financial modelling, Datamine found a couple of levers Postie+ could pull that would massively reduce cost, yet continue to deliver value to customers – particularly the high value ones. 

We delivered Postie+ the insights needed to make certain changes within the programme so that the perceived value of the programme remains high but the underlying cost is minimised – these recommended changes have been implemented on an ongoing basis.

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