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Mitre 10



Mitre 10 is a New Zealand based home improvement chain with an ongoing goal of improving the shopping experience of its customers. To support this initiative Mitre 10 measured a range of customer experience indicators across all channels of its business. What was missing, however, was an over-all customer experience picture – an issue Mitre 10 asked Datamine to resolve by collating and analysing this data and presenting it in such a way that Mitre 10 could take immediate action to address any customer experience issues.


Of the many customer variables available, Datamine selected a core range that would best represent the over-all Mitre 10 customer experience. Included amongst these were transaction data, net promoter score survey results, customer memberships and loyalty swipe rates. Appropriately weighted, these indicators formed the basis of a Customer Experience (CX) score for each Mitre 10 store. The reports were also interactive, allowing adjustments to targets and new indicators to be added as required. Every store received an over-all CX score, a summary of the core indicators used to calculate the score - and a 4-week comparison on performance measure.


Using the Datamine CX reports, individual stores can now track how they’re performing against CX targets (and in relation to other Mitre 10 outlets).  Armed with an up-to-the-minute customer experience score, Mitre 10 stores can take specific and immediate action to improve their individual CX indicators.  Since receiving the reports, individual Mitre 10 stores have been empowered to take greater ownership of their customer experience, resulting in improved CX scores across the entire chain.

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