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Lotto NZ



In line with their goal to be a world-leading lottery organisation dedicated to delivering the maximum benefit to New Zealand communities, Lotto regularly monitors customer penetration within the market and is interested in extending that knowledge by assessing the online gaming habits of Kiwis. 

Lotto noticed an increase in the number of gaming sites reaching out to New Zealanders with the promise of a win enticed by lucrative new player bonuses, such as ‘Get $1,000 free’.  With little robust information available about the performance of the online offshore vendors, Lotto contacted Datamine about performing an analysis to understand how New Zealanders are interacting with online gaming sites to inform future strategy.


As part of Datamine’s analysis for Lotto, we created a report covering the following information from the past three years:

  • The total value of online gaming
  • The number of online transactions and customers
  • The differences between on-shore and off-shore gaming


Using our Business Insight data, we identified the relevant merchants and transactions in order to provide Lotto with a rounded view of the above factors.  During the analysis, we discovered useful insights about online gaming in New Zealand – including that participation is increasing (up 58% since 2015), as is annual spend (up over 100% since 2015).


The findings from the analysis have proven to be very useful for Lotto and show a growth trajectory for the online offshore gaming market in New Zealand. 

The information has provided Lotto NZ with a robust, empirical based understanding of the wider market trends and has also been used in discussions with both the Board and industry regulators.

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