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In order to keep pace with the growth rate of New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland Transport has around 30 redevelopment projects planned over the coming 10 years, some of which have already begun. These projects can last a long time and impact surrounding areas, so Auckland Transport wanted to determine a set of metrics they could use moving forward that would help them proactively manage the impact on the local communities. They approached Datamine about providing a proof of concept for a dashboard that could be implanted across all redevelopments moving forward, beginning with the project in Mount Albert that finished mid-2019


The Datamine team worked with Auckland Transport to come up with six key questions to serve as the base of the social and economic impact analysis of the Mount Albert redevelopment. The questions centre around impacts on travel, retail sales, time spent in the area and more, and they can be applied to all redevelopments moving forward. From there, we used a combination of AT HOP data, census information and geo-demographic data to answer the questions for Auckland Transport and identify the communities that have felt the greatest impact.


The proof of concept that we delivered to Auckland Transport team was well-received by the wider team. The analysis provided by Datamine outlined the redevelopment’s impact on dwell times, traffic, retailers, public transport, catchment and more, providing Auckland Transport with empirical evidence about the effects of the project. For example, the data revealed that there was an impact on local retailers, but it was smaller than generally perceived, and the recovery rates after the redevelopment were strong. We also discovered that the traffic has halved post-redevelopment and peak period dwell times (how long people are spending in the town centre) have increased by nearly 10%. Auckland Transport is now able to use all this information to assess the impact of the project and communicate those impacts with the community appropriately moving forward.

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