Resilience training works

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CAN TRAINING EFFECTIVENESS BE MEASURED? It’s a question many HR managers probably ask themselves as they close down the last PowerPoint slide after a day’s staff training — ‘does this work and can it be measured?’.  The answer is it can — as the Resilience Institute discovered recently after asking Datamine to investigate Founded in […]

How to ensure a great customer experience

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HOW TO ENSURE A GREAT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Home improvement and garden retailer Mitre 10’s ongoing goal is to improve the shopping experience of its customers. To support this initiative the company has measured a range of customer experience indicators across all channels of its business. What was missing, however, was an ‘over-all’ customer experience picture […]

IBM Amplify 2017 — Yes, cognitive is happening and it’s happening now

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IBM AMPLIFY 2017 — YES COGNITIVE IS HAPPENING AND IT’S HAPPENING NOW  Datamine Marketing Technologist Andy Marsden travelled to Las Vegas in March for IBM’s Amplify 2017 ‘redefining customer engagement’ event. Fortunately what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas this time, and Andy shares his thoughts on IBM’s view of the cognitive future — […]

Why marketers only see a fraction of their customer’s lives – and how to unlock insights on the rest

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WHY MARKETERS ONLY SEE A FRACTION OF THEIR CUSTOMER’S LIVES —AND HOW TO UNLOCK INSIGHTS ON THE REST Whenever I’m asked about the main ingredients of a successful marketing campaign, I can’t go past the need for greater knowledge of the customer. It’s the foundation on which all else is built. ‘Know your customer’ is […]