Our Product Development Team creates exciting new solutions that are transforming the analytics industry. Meet the full team below.

Developer Joe


(Development Manager)

Renowned for his skills in software architectural design and project management, Joe’s team of developers are building a host of new solutions that will likely transform the analytics industry. As Datamine’s Head of Development, Joe is well suited to the task having worked in development at Bartercard for several years.

Systems Architect Matiu


(Geek - Developer)

Matiu has over 20 years experience in information technology — for the most part occupying leadership roles in operations, strategy, and service delivery. He has broad experience across the gamut of IT, delivering technical solutions at various scales — from supporting individual teaching and research activities, through to the delivery of enterprise services.


Developer Jonathan


(Geek - Developer)

Jonathan joined Datamine from University in 2014 after double majoring in Computer Science and Statistics. He has wide exposure across the company managing corporate databases and is currently part of the Development team, working on creating bespoke web-apps using Angular 2.0, Python and Django.

Developer Sam


(Geek - Developer)

A programmer with 8 years experience in PHP, Django, and Python, Sam joined Datamine in 2015 and specialises in enriching user interfaces with JavaScript/Angular from within a Linux working environment.


Datamart Scott


(Geek - Developer)

Scott joins Datamine as a Back-end Developer with 20 years of experience in IT and programming, most recently at Vadacom. An active member of the Open Source community, Scott holds a BSci (Honours) in astrophysics and geochemistry, and a Licentiate in Theology from South Africa.


Developer Tom


(Geek - Developer)

A Dataminer since 2004, Wellington based Tom has a background in large application development and computer science. He works primarily on in-house software tool development. His broad expertise includes data normalisation, data matching, declarative programming, Unix and efficient use of computing resources.

Data Scientist Kane


(Geek - Data Scientist)

Kane deserves the title ‘Geek’, having been awarded the Woolf Fisher Scholarship to complete his Masters in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge, in addition to completing a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours here in NZ. Kane mostly works from his home in the Mighty Waikato, but drops into the office most weeks as well.