Modelling, matching, segmenting, and analysing... Meet our full Analyst team below.

Analyst Liam


(Analytics Team Lead)

Datamine Analytics Team Lead Liam is a University of Auckland graduate with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Statistics and Biology. Liam previously explored the science based side of his skill set, working for Comvita Innovations, but his passion for analytics and statistics won out in the end.


(Geek - Analyst)

Ashish Lamichhane joins the team as a Campaign Analyst. He holds a Masters degree in Information Systems from Uppsala University in Sweden and has worked around the world — including Sweden and Nepal and mostly recently at Zalando SE in Berlin, Germany.


Analyst Brendan


(Geek - Analyst)

Brendan came to Datamine straight from the University of Auckland after completing a Bachelor in Engineering (Hons) specialising in Engineering Science. Brendan initially planned to go into civil engineering, but after finding he had a knack with computers, his passion for statistical analysis was born.


Analayst Liang


(Geek - Analyst)

Liang is an international traveller with a Doctorate to his name. Having studied his Bachelors in Mathematics in China, Liang went on to complete his Masters in Economics in Hong Kong before achieving a scholarship to attend the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. After completing his Doctorate in Economics in the United States Liang joined Datamine in 2013.

Analyst Natalie


(Geek - Analyst)

Originally from Cape Town in South Africa, Natalie holds a PhD in Molecular Biology. Her postgraduate and post-doctoral projects have included a substantial amount of data analysis work and therefore moving from academia to data analysis in the business world made perfect sense. After joining Datamine in 2014 Natalie has been involved in numerous major analytical projects, both as an analyst and a technical project owner, across multiple industries.


Analyst Olga


(Geek - Anlyst)

Olga holds a Bachelor or Commerce (Hons) from Auckland University with majors in Econometrics and Quantitative Economics. She joined Datamine’s analyst team in 2014 after two years working in the finance sector.

Analyst Pete


(Geek - Analyst)

Pete joined Datamine in 2006. He is an integral and very talented part of the technical team and although based in Gisborne regularly spends time in the Auckland office. A genuine guru, Pete works with data in varying states of cleanliness, and has a unique ability to transform it into standard structures and components that streamline any reporting or modelling function.


Analyst Rachel


(Geek - Analyst)

New analyst Rachel comes to us directly from Massey University with a BSc degree in Data Science & Statistics. Before returning to university to retrain, Rachel worked in admin roles, raised a family and was active in volunteering and fundraising groups. With an obvious passion for analytics, she’s excited about joining Datamine and sinking her teeth into some real world projects.


Analayst Sarah


(Geek - Analyst)

After a career in administration, Sarah’s enthusiasm for analytics saw her return to university to complete a BSc in Statistics and Computer Science. Joining Datamine in 2015 Sarah works on a wide range of analytics projects including: market share analysis, trends over time, customer profiling, response modelling, and basket analysis.


Analyst Theo


(Geek - Anlyst)

Theo joins Datamine as an analyst straight from the University of Auckland where he completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree specialising in Engineering Science. While originally from Auckland, Theo spent 7 years of his life at sea with his family, being home schooled and sailing around the world.

Analyst Valentina


(Geek - Analyst)

Valentina moved to NZ from Italy as a teenager in 2008. She completed an Honours degree in Physics at the University of Auckland and joined Datamine’s analytics team straight from University.