Our People

At Datamine you’ll work with the best. We’re a world leader in analytics — consistently applying hard work and rigorous standards to deliver excellence every time.  Above all, we love what we do and we do it well!

Our teams


From selling solutions and coordinating projects, to managing client relationships and translating ‘geek-speak’, our CS Team manage all things client facing. Consisting of Consultants, Owls, and Project Managers, the team has a deep passion for business and analytics and is headed up by our Managing Director Mike. Meet the team...


Keeping us on the right track is our Strategy & Improvement team – focused on getting Datamine operating in the most efficient and effective way, and ensuring we can effectively share what we do. After all, showing the world how to unlock the value in data is a big task! Team SI is led by Julia.


Our biggest team, Datamine’s Analysts use passion and a touch of rebellion to help take our client’s decision making beyond guesswork. Modelling, matching, segmenting, and analysing, the Analysts are headed up by our Analyst Team Lead Liam. Meet the team...


Crucial to our business, the Datamart and Operations team create the infrastructure that enables us to securely work with client data, and ensure the ongoing maintenance and up-time of data flows and operational tools. Headed by Paul, the team consists of developers and operators who work closely with both the Analysts and the CS Team. Meet the team...


Sitting on the product side, the Product Development Team creates exciting new solutions that are transforming the analytics industry. Consisting of back and front-end developers and systems architects, the team is led by our Development Manager Joe. Meet the team...


Our Data Scientists (think white lab coats), work alongside the Product Team on cutting-edge technical developments. Led by Datamine Founder and Head of Product, Paul, their data science knowledge and expertise is unparalleled. Meet the team...


Designing, building, and maintaining our internal systems and architecture, our killer Infrastructure Team are Datamine’s life support. Also led by Paul, the Team ensures issues are dealt with before they become problems —keeping us moving forward to reach our goals. Meet the team...


Led by our bubbly General Manager Michaela, our Support Team is the glue that holds Datamine together. A diverse bunch, they cover everything from Finance and HR, to Events and Office Management - ensuring a happy Datamine workforce and smooth running operations. Meet the team...

Welcome to our new Dataminers!


A UK native but now long-time Kiwi, BSc (Hons) degree holder Josh worked in Business Intelligence in Europe before first joining Datamine in 2015. After leaving us for 12 months in 2016 to work on analytics and insight at SKYCITY, Josh has returned to the fold to head up our Datamart and Ops tech team. Great to have you back Josh!


Same, same, but different

I forgot how cool the stuff is we do

Yay! No more suits!

Datamart Anton


A recent arrival from South Africa, Anton joined our Datamart and Ops team in February 2017. With 15 years of experience working with databases, both on the developer and operator side, Anton still gets a kick out of “working on the heart of the matter” and is already making a positive contribution to the team.


Happy to be back at work

Everyone is friendly, helpful, and dedicated to the job


Datamine really cares about employees - lunch and crème brûlée on day 1!




The Founder is the creative, unorthodox, idea generator, that Datamine is the brainchild of. Bright and free thinking, the Founder is a good person to ask if an innovative solution to a problem is needed.


(Managing Director)

The Pioneer is a trailblazer, opening up new areas of thought, research, and development. Resourceful and innovative, the Pioneer is responsible for guiding Datamine on its journey and making sure everyone has what they need to be successful.


(Director & Consultant)

The White Witch is wise, intuitive, and highly skilled at combining people, data, and business to bring some magic to change makers and their business challenges.



Partners are those special Dataminers that have been welcomed into the ‘next level of commitment’ circle.  Having proven their value to Datamine and the wider analytics community, a partner has skin in the game.



Datamine's general manager is the glue that holds the company together.  Keeping track of our operations, making sure the bills are paid, and ensuring a happy Datamine workforce, the GM's talents cover all and sundry.


(Technical Team Leader)

The Doyen head the ranks in knowledge and experience, defining the standards to be stretched for. They seek to pass on all they know to their gaggle of Geeks and provide support and encouragement until goals are reached.


(Strategy & Improvement Manager)

The Maven is an insightful person who is approached by others for expert knowledge and advice. Open with wisdom and understanding, the Maven is an advocate for evolutionary ideas, and is always first in line to create and support new initiatives. 



Our consultants like people and are genuinely curious about what and who they can connect together.  They are excellent at connecting both people and the dots between problems and solutions.  They will be quick to make introductions and have a strong desire to explore new opportunities in their quest to deliver positive change.


(Account / Project Manager)

The Owls are wise and often sought out for the counsel they provide. Quick-witted and intelligent, the Owls provide perspective and protection to those they take under their wings.



The campaign technologist has expert knowledge in understanding the highs and lows of campaign platforms, and implementing campaign technology so that it works.  They will help you see far into an automated future, but are there to hold your hand if you're just taking your first baby steps into marketing automation.



Working behind-the-scenes, our data scientists are the true geniuses here – coming up with the processes and systems that deliver knowledge from data in all its various forms. They’re magic really.



(Statistical or Data Analyst, Developer, Operations, or Analytical Implementation)

The Geeks have exceptional brains, and are the technical force behind the magic that Datamine delivers. While they're trustworthy, do watch out for their sense of humour and penchant for practical jokes.



These bright sparks bring loads of energy and form the creative foundation within Datamine.  Champions of our brand and who we are, they keep our clients and our people up-to-date with the latest and greatest that is going on internally, and in the world of data and analytics.


(Systems Administration & Office Management)

The Smooth Operators ensure the smooth running of the office on a day to day basis, whether that be from a technical or general perspective. They keep Datamine and its extended family functioning happily.



The People Person is the lifeblood of Datamine’s culture, welcoming people in, bringing people together, and making sure our values are alive and well in everything that we do.



The Beanie keeps track of all the beans in the business.  Paying meticulous attention to the beans coming in,  the Beanie finds the balance between what we need and what we want.