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Client Services Team

Datamine is about people using analytics.  We work with people to deliver smart, data-driven strategies and we are looking for someone who is passionate about the value of analytics & data science.  If you see yourself as a trusted advisor who fosters close client relationships and you get a kick out of enabling people to get the most from analytics, then we want you.




Animates' Marketing Team

Datamine is recruiting for a social and self-motivated problem solver to join Animates’ Marketing team as an Insights & Campaign Analyst. This exciting opportunity has come about as a result of an Animates and Datamine collaboration to build a Campaign Datamart and integrated campaign management platform for Animates.




Infrastructure Team

We’re looking someone who is driven, and who understands the importance of the role of Infrastructure to our business and clients.  You will be responsible for ensuring the systems and tools we use are not only ticking along but being improved and fit for our future growth.


We’re very selective when it comes to recruitment. Our aim is to find the right person for the job and a good fit for Datamine. There are a few stages to our recruitment process to help us get to know each other a little better.

Start by submitting your CV and cover letter. Whether you’re applying for a specific role or just putting out feelers, we’ll always let you know your CV has been received and we’re looking at it.

After going through your CV we might call you for a chat – it’s a great way for us to further understand what you’re looking for (plus we love a good chat!).

It’s a fairly informal affair and usually lasts around 30 minutes. We find out a little more about you and vice-versa.

After a successful interview we’ll ask you to complete a psychometric  questionnaire — our work can be challenging so we need to make sure you’re up to the task and you’ll feel at home here.

If the tests go well we may request a second, more in-depth, interview. You’ll meet a number of team members and either our MD Mike or our founder Paul. Applicants for technical positions will be tested in their role-specific skills.

Ace your second interview and we’ll start reference checking. We’ll require three work references or alternatively, for graduates, we’ll want to hear from people who can attest to your work ethic.

It’s possible you could be asked for a third interview to cover any final questions following your reference checks.

If we think you’re awesome & everything checks out, we’ll call you with an offer. If you accept we’ll send through a contract and an information pack about our induction process.



We pride ourselves on the transparency of our recruitment process. In return we ask for honesty in everything — from cover letters to interview answers. If you care about rank & fancy titles, tell us. It could mean we’re not a fit but that honesty will help avoid disappointment later.


We love a cover letter and read them all. So tell us who you really are, why you want the role, and why you’re awesome for it. It’s our first introduction and we want to know it all, not just your technical skills, but also your interests, attitudes, and values.



It’s impressive when people arrive at interviews prepared, so think about what you already know about us and what you’d like to find out. We love talking about what we do — so come with questions!


Presentation-wise, we want you to feel relaxed, so just be you and be comfortable in your own skin. Most importantly, we want to meet the real you so we can be sure we’re hiring the right fit for us. We’re looking for awesome people, so don’t hide who you are — we love a little personality!


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