A series of easy-to-read guides designed to equip readers with the fundamental know-how required to begin a variety of data-driven initiatives

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"GDPR is quite frankly a minefield - made significantly more challenging by the fact that major law firms have recommended polar opposite views on many significant attributes (e.g. when you must physically delete data and where it has to be deleted from).  

Datamine provided practical helpful advice, cutting to the chase.  Their most important observation; ensure your business’ data policies are regularly reviewed and changed accordingly.  This is key.  There will be numerous challenges to the legislation and the resulting rulings will change or reinforce it - you must stay up with the play".

CEO at Cumulo9 Limited


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the EU’s stringent new personal data protection legislation, and determining whether or not your business is compliant is imperative to its future success.

We might not be EU experts at Datamine, but we sure are data experts – data security and privacy are two of our specialities.  Here’s a checklist organisations need to tick in order to avoid the potential repercussions of infringing upon the regulations.*

*Disclaimer:  This is not legal advice.  For a legal perspective, please consult a lawyer.

Datamine Guide


The guide defines what is meant by customer insight and lays out the building blocks for creating it. The skills required to create an effective insights team and some of the commonly used techniques for uncovering insight are introduced, along with suggestions and tips for using them.

Datamine Guide to Marketing Automation


Marketing automation platforms enable marketers to manage customer interactions with greater degrees of speed, precision and personalisation than were possible only a few years ago.

In this Datamine guide, we’ll help you through the fundamentals of marketing automation - what it is, who to buy it from, how to prepare for it, how to use it and how to get the most out of it.