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Datafix is Datamine’s high-value blog, delivering data-driven insights from the analytics world.

We cover topics and trends such as AI & Machine Learning, Marketing Automation, Customer Analytics, Data Strategy & Optimisation and much more.

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Retailwatch cropped logoRetailwatch is Datamine's monthly report that covers New Zealand’s electronic spend (both online and in-store).

The overview is segmented by region and retail category, offering retail organisations and interested parties alike vital market trend and strategy information.

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If there’s one thing Datamine isn’t lacking, it’s internal knowledge and expertise.  And what good is knowledge if you don’t share it?

Our whitepapers and guides provide in-depth insights into complex technical concepts and challenges and offer the framework for implementation of Datamine's proven analytics solutions.

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Datamine’s resource pages take a deep dive into broad and complex topics our clients encounter on a regular basis when it comes to understanding their data.

Some of our longer resource pages are downloadable, so you can read offline and refer back to when you need.

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