Now that we've returned to the Faraday office during Level 2, Datamine is focused on 'playing it safe', as per the advice of the World Health Organisation, the Australian Government and New Zealand Government.   

  • We have social distancing policies, hygiene protocols and contact tracing measures in place for anyone who will be physically present at the Datamine office, including visitors 
  • We still encourage meetings to be held over video conferencing where possible - however, meetings may now also be held at the Datamine office
  • Employees who feel unwell, whose partner/family are unwell or who suspect they may have come into contact with someone who is unwell are still being asked to stay at home to protect those at the office
  • If you'd like to see a copy of our current policies and protocols around Level 2, don't hesitate to contact us


A massive thanks for the Datamine team, as well as our clients, for their agile and pragmatic approach to the challenges we've seen over last few months.  Datamine remains focused on delivering results and supporting clients to thrive in this new reality, and beyond. 


Take care,

Paul O’Connor (Founder & CEO)