Management Team

At Datamine, we aim to change the way people view analytics – we’re passionate about helping companies go beyond guesswork to realise the incredible potential their data offers.

This is a busy and multifaceted role – one where a knack for building relationships with people from all levels and backgrounds will ensure your success. Your focus in this role will be on growing and building a strong and resilient sales and marketing function that enables Datamine to reach its ambitious strategic goals.

You will have proven success in sales with large NZ corporates, and will bring that existing network and your c-suite relationships into your new role at Datamine.

You are a strong and insightful leader who believes in setting the bar high, both personally and for your team. You are empathetic and keen to enable others to succeed. You are someone who will provide visible leadership of our brand values, culture and strategy, both internally with Dataminers, and externally with our clients.

Your belief in data-driven solutions will ensure our clients are set up to excel in the current and future market place.


Who is Datamine?

Datamine helps organisations unlock the value of their data through addictive analytics experiences. We’ve been the leader in this space for over 20 years, so tackling difficult problems is our bread and butter.

We continue to bring proven, repeatable success to businesses across many industries, through the use of our 100+ analytics solutions. As part of that service, we collaborate closely with our clients to leverage insights and gain competitive advantage. 


A week in the life of our Sales & Marketing Manager will involve:

  • Ensuring members of the sales and marketing teams are in the zone and delivering on their quarterly objectives
  • Leveraging your recent sales successes into new opportunities, utilising your existing relationships to network
  • Getting things done for the team and unblocking any issues that might arise
  • Providing objective advice and improving the way we run the business, always with a focus on profitable growth
  • Running and attending meetings, adding insight and direction
  • Seeking out and managing ongoing partner and client relationships, understanding their business requirements and conveying this back to Datamine
  • Being an active member of the management team


You will fit right in at Datamine if you have:

  • 15+ years in a consultancy and or solution sales environment with roles in sales management and marketing (and you’re just as keen for success today as you were when you started out)
  • A hunger to reach our business target, both on a personal and a team level
  • Proven experience in selling in a consultancy, solution or product environment
  • Used analytics to make successful business decisions
  • A network that allows you to open doors for Datamine
  • The ability to motivate and garner respect from your team and the wider business
  • Excellent business acumen that is displayed in all your client interactions
  • The ability to negotiate, balanced with a desire to make clients look good
  • A high level of written and verbal communication skills
  • A proven history of holding people accountable through use of established systems
  • A desire to help and see people grow, as well as to continue learning yourself


At Datamine you will enjoy:

  • Freedom to deliver success
  • A chance to make your mark
  • Opportunities for growth with a forward-looking business
  • Working with a tight-knit team of smart people engaged in advanced analytics and delivering solutions
  • A remuneration package that rewards your results
  • Exceptional work experience with a highly respected company
  • Involvement in setting strategy
  • An amazing and diverse company culture
  • An open and transparent environment


To apply, please send your CV and cover letter (yes, we read them all!) to Michaela Swan at: