Exceptional client service requires exceptional people.  Meet our Client Services team below.

Datamine Partner Matt Wilkins



Since joining Datamine in 2009 from NZ Post, Matt has taken the lead on many of Datamine’s key accounts and is a passionate advocate for using data-driven intelligence to identify and address business challenges.  Working with organisations at a senior level, he leads the transformation required to unlock the value of data.  Matt has the experience and expertise to balance the technical, commercial and cultural considerations required in order to derive significant value from analytics.

Datamine General Manager Michaela


(General Manager)

As our General Manager, Michaela is the key to ensuring all our internal functions are optimally run.  Having completed a Lion Nathan management programme, Michaela successfully ran a number of her own businesses, both in NZ and the UK, before joining Datamine in 2010.  Her biggest passion at work?  All things people – Michaela is constantly striving to develop and deliver growth the Datamine way, all while retaining our values, enhancing our culture and building internal capability.



(Founder & CEO)

Paul loves data.  Part people-person and part tech geek, he founded Datamine in an effort to connect and empower people to benefit from data analytics every day.  Since 1995, Paul has been using his unparalleled experience and insight to guide the business and continue to push conventional boundaries.  With a focus on collaboration, innovation and pragmatic excellence, Datamine is passionate about giving organisations the knowledge they need to unlock the value in their data.  And with Paul at the helm, we’re going places. 




Charles joined the Datamine team in early 2020 with over 15 years of experience in data analytics and business development, including taking a SaaS retail analytics platform to a global market.  He’s worked for organisations such as Accenture, 11Ants Analytics, IRI Global and more, and he’s enjoyed applying those learnings to his role at Datamine.  To Charles, analytics is about taking the complicated and making it simple – so he’s passionate about helping clients unlock this value.



(Account Director)

A long-time Dataminer, Pip joined in 2012 and has since worked her way through four different teams – she’s always on the hunt for a new challenge!  As an Account Director, Pip combines the analytical skills honed at Datamine with her business nous (from developing and growing her tech start-up) to understand our clients’ biggest challenges and help them find a data-driven solution.    



(Owl Team Lead)

Team Lead Rosie joined the Datamine Owl team with a degree in Mathematics and over five years of experience in business support, customer relationship management and account management from AsureQuality and Auckland Council.  Rosie is keen to understand and consider all perspectives in a given challenge, and she’s enjoyed marrying up her passion for helping clients and her love of technical subject matter in her role with Datamine.

Datamine Account Manager Bruce



Bruce’s strength lies in the delivery of complex ideas in a simple, effective and visual way, whether it’s building software or analysing data.  Previously in a global role as UI/UX designer at Golder Associates, he also understands the issues that big organisations face.  He’s passionate about solving actual business problems and ensuring there is a real impact – and making it easy for the people involved!




Megan joined Datamine in pursuit of new challenges as our Business and Sales Administrator – but she soon realised that her passion for working with people and solving sticky business challenges made her a great fit for the Owl team.  She’s passionate about the Datamine value of ‘pragmatic excellence’ and making a difference, both for her clients and around the office. 

Datamine Account Manager Emma



Emma specialises in data visualisation and uses her design and economics skills to help clients tell stories with their data.  She holds a double degree of BCom and Bachelor of Consumer & Applied Science from University of Otago, where she majored in Economics and Design.  Emma’s eye for detail and enthusiastic approach to tough client challenges make her an asset to the team.

Datamine Marketing Technologist Andy


(Marketing Technologist)

A self-described ‘systems thinker’, Manchester native Andy bridges the gap between marketing, IT and software.  He has spent over a dozen years in roles defining and delivering campaign management and marketing automation solutions in the telecommunications, airline and retail sectors.  Andy is passionate about assisting clients through the Marketing Automation minefield, making the most of the opportunities, overcoming challenges and driving performance from what they do.




Delivery & Implementation Manager Louis has worked closely with several of New Zealand’s leading FMCG suppliers and retailers to help them maximise the value of their sales and customer data. He has a wealth of experience in identifying opportunities to deliver actionable insights to clients, and he loves having the opportunity to work face-to-face with a diverse group of colleagues and clients in his role.




Vanessa joined the Datamine team with a BA in Business Management & French, an MSc in Political Science as well as in-depth vocational training in Data Science. Having previously worked at KPMG New Zealand and King’s College London, she enjoys combining her strategic and operational knowledge with her interest in data visualisation to provide clients with clear, realistic and implementable insights.